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Concerns we have heard from pet caregivers regarding mobile spay/neuter clinics:

1. Is it a “real clinic”?

     Yes, it is a “real clinic” - on wheels! It has a surgery table, light, anesthesia equipment, scale, surgical packs, autoclave for sterilization of instruments, holding cages and other standard equipment.


2. Is it safe?    Are corners cut?  Mobile clinics are organized and run by organizations or individuals who have the same goal as the rest of us - successful, safe surgeries.  Mobile clinics do not keep clients overnight after surgery, but rely on the owner/caregiver to watch their cats/dogs for signs of distress while they recover. This cuts the cost of surgery. Because they focus exclusively on spay/neuter, the vets have learned very efficient - time saving - techniques such as making small incisions to perform the spays. This also cuts costs.

Caregivers can and should visit their regular veterinarian for annual checkups and other medical conditions.


3. Is it a veterinarian who does the surgery?               

     Absolutely! Only individuals with a doctorate in veterinary medicine perform these surgeries.  The doctors on our staff have performed thousands of surgeries.  Our mobile units also have trained vet assistants on board as well.


4. Do mobile spay/neuter clinics work?

     Many groups across the country are now using mobile spay/neuter clinics as a way of bringing the services to areas of need. Making spay/neuter both affordable and accessible means bringing down the numbers of unwanted litters in shelters and on the streets.

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